The story is ending…the town is near it’s end.

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The Cage Family…a relocation history…Camp Cage is born.

The Cage family’s first house was ‘Cage Hearth of Domination’, which even after being scaled down, was just too big.


‘Cage Manor’ is the family’s second home, originally in Jester’s Escape, relocated to Gemini Town, and then again to Pre-Release Island.


Once again relocated, this time to Riverblossom Hills, the Cage family hoped they would never have to move again.


Relocated again, but this time on their own terms, the Cage family set up Camp Cage to be their own custome built neighbourhood, with their friends and relatives close by…and everyone else, somewhere else!!

Camp Cage…a short history

The Cage family moved into the neighbourhood in force and with vengeance…


…what’s the WORST that can happen???…

Welcome to KBCages’ Sims


My Sims 2 addiction has had me in its grasp for months now.

Here are my Sims lives as never told before!

The Cage family are my main family to play, however, I have created other characters to make my game play more fun.

After a lot of moving around the Sim world, Cages finally settled into their own neighbourhood; Camp Cage, where they dominated and dictated!